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Steel Touch

The Russell Hobbs Breakfast collection inspired in Piet Mondrian



Project carried out by Russell Hobbs
Date: June 2011
Length: 30 seconds
Format: 720p


Advanced technology, exclusive design, elegant and functional: the most representative features of the Steel Touch collection conceived by Russell Hobbs are faithfully reflected in this ad, in which everything, from the geometric forms and neutral colours inspired by the paintings of Piet Mondrian to the tiniest imaginable detail, was created in a virtual manner.  All the textures, movements, reflections and blurs were generated by means of 3D modelling and animation techniques.  The piece was rounded off with meticulous postproduction work, thanks to which the colour frames of the surrounding setting move to the rhythm of the music.



Brand: Russell Hobbs
Client: Gamonoso
Main Task: 3D, animation, PostProduction