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The messenger brought us an elephant!



Project carried out by Unicaja through the production company Emedialab and the agency JWT Delvico, directed by Pablo Olmos
Date: April 2011
Length: 20 seconds
Format: 720p


The objective of Unicaja’s campaign for the direct debit of payslips was very clear: to encourage the bank’s clients to choose a welcome present.  A simple, and at the same time, complex idea of bringing an elephant wrapped in gift paper to life gave way to a striking, dynamic and entertaining ad. And yet the real challenge of the project was just as much what was to be seen as what had to be eliminated. A clean result was finally achieved, devoid of any strange element that risked diverting our attention from the main argument. This was possible due to a painstaking process of erasing and treating the film, eliminating cars and traffic signals, and by substituting reflections and integrating household elements.


Brand: Unicaja
Client: EMediaLab
Agency: JWT Delvico
Postproduction & Vfx: Whiteline Studio