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Green Moon - Antonio Banderas

A Cinema Ident for Antonio Banderas



Project carried out for Green Moon through the agency Brida, directed by Manolo Camino
Date: September 2011
Length: 20 seconds
Format: 720


Green Moon, the independent film production company founded by Antonio Banderas, wanted to make a film intro with a distinct Andalusian character. The subject matter is based on the poems of Federico García Lorca, which were used to create a very realistic natural environment in 3D. To further intensify this effect, sparkles of light penetrating through the branches of olive trees were created by working with volumetric lighting in the postproduction process. Furthermore, images of real ink filmed in the studio in complete harmony with the sound tracks, give the piece an attractive and mysterious touch.



Brand: Green Moon Producciones

Client: Green Moon / Antonio Banderas

Agency: ForestForRent / Brida

Music: Antonio Meliveo

Main Task: 3d, Animation, PostProduction, Motion Graphics