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Freson de Palos

TV Comercial


Project carried out for Freson de Palos through the agency Cicero marketing y comunicación(original idea), directed by Ivan Mena

Date: February 2013
Length: 20 seconds
Format: 720p


Freson de Palos wanted to make a spot where they stressed the love and dedication that characterizes the production of their fruit. The 3D setting that we can see in the video was created on the basis of a collection of photographies. To further intensify the effect of a very realistic sequence, natural textures were introduced and lights were processed during the postproduction phase. By the animation of certain objects in the room, the spot conveys sensations of warmth and a familiar atmosphere.


Brand: Freson de Palos
Agency: Cicero marketing y comunicación
Director: Ivan Mena Tinoco
Music: Aimar Molero
Whiteline: 3D, Motion Graphics, Postproduction